Our autumn term will begin from 13 September 2021 and run for 12-weeks. If you would like to try a class, we offer one off taster sessions starting from £5.50.

Please see more information below on how to book your class and the discounts we offer.


  • Please use the filter options when searching for your class. The two options you should use are: Sessions – This brings up the genre of class. Age – This will help you find the classes at your desired age.
  • If you usually receive a concessionary discount, please do the following: Book on to your desired class; do not make a payment; an amended invoice will be sent via email.


Classes for young people (ages under 16) discounts of 10% are available if:
Classes for ADULTS (ages 16+) discounts of 10% are available if:

If you are eligible for any of the above please go ahead with your booking, but do not yet process a payment. Please email info@thegarage.org.uk and await a response before continuing.

Should you require further financial support then do not hesitate to enquire about our bursaries by emailing info@thegarage.org.uk

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