This Christmas at The Garage, Jack will plant some magic beans which grow into a beansprout and take him up into the sky and to the land of the giants. This Autumn, which might not be when you’d first think to grow a beansprout, The Garage are challenging you to exercise those little green fingers and see how big a beansprout you can grow. You can enter the competition by collecting some Magic Beans from The Garage, 14 Chapel Field North, Norwich, NR2 1NY. If you’re a school or group who would like to take part, just get in touch on and we can prepare a large packet of seeds for you.


  • Plant your beans in separate pots or in one large pot a little spaced out, to give each one space to grow.
  • Fill your pot almost to the top with soil, put your bean in the middle and cover it with soil. Give it a good drink of water to welcome it to its new home.
  • Keep the plants well-watered, giving them a little drink every other day, but don’t make them soggy.
  • Keep them in a warm, sunny spot, maybe on a windowsill.
  • Talk to them every now and then, beans like adventure stories and to hear about your day.
  • Once the beansprouts starts to grow they might need a stick or cane to grow up.

Grown beansprouts should be brought to The Garage or a photo (with a ruler showing the height from the top of the soil), along with, name, age and contact details, emailed to by Friday 16 November.

My First Panto: Jack and the Beansprout runs from Friday 30 November 2018 to Saturday 5 January 2019. To book tickets click here.

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