Dulcie and Walter by Catherine Herman


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Dulcie and Walter by Catherine Herman

June 30, 2021
– July 1, 2021

fEAST theatre presents, as part of their tenth anniversary season, a brand new play:

Dulcie and Walter by Catherine Herman

‘Inside these ol’ bodies, these ol’
shells, is whole worlds you can’t know about…’

year is 1970. Dulcie and Walter have lived all 50 years of their married life
on a small farm in Norfolk. They ‘chunder on’ with stories and gossip but
Walter is becoming frail. Both of them are determined to spend the rest of
their lives on the farm with the spring hawthorn and the autumn blackberries.

from Dulcie’s great-niece Mary reveal that beneath the ‘chunderin’ and funny
stories, Walter and Dulcie’s relationship has not only rubbed along but
involved some moments of glory and some of heart-breaking despair. They also
harbour long-buried family secrets that Mary is determined to uncover, and
Dulcie is determined to keep buried.

and Walter is a profound, life-affirming and hilarious play about the
sacrifices women make, growing old and staying wild, and chewin’ the cud over a
nice bowl of lamb stew.

Catherine Herman, originally from Great
Yarmouth, after varied careers and travels, is having a late renaissance as a
writer and actor.

Running Time – 60 minutes

Age Suitability – 14+

Ticket Prices – £12.50 Standard, £10.00 Under 18's