Not Me


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Not Me

October 1, 2020
Marianne Dissard

Searing memoir of trauma and the life of a disordered touring musician fearlessly tackles timely subject with abrasive yet tender humor. Not your typical recovery text, a thrilling existential howl disguised as contemporary take on one woman's attempt to regain life balance.

For years, Marianne Dissard orchestrated her public life as a performer around her private disordered world. Not Me is the account of a year spent in Paris training to teach yoga in an attempt to reboot a life plagued by eating disorders. Fleeing her hometown of Tucson, Arizona to seek solace back in Europe where she came from as a teenager, Dissard latches on to a yoga training to turn her life around. On a sabbatical from the stage, she focuses on yoga, the one healthy and self-affirming thing in her seemingly-successful life. Invited to teach where she trained, Dissard grabs the chance to pause. Focusing on her students, letting go of her harmful habits, she gradually finds her footing in health and connections.

Running Time – 65 minutes

Ticket Prices – £10.00 Standard, £8.00 Concessions, £6.00 First 15 Tickets