Our White Skoda Octavia


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Our White Skoda Octavia

October 30, 2021
Eastern Angles

Amjad has taken up taxi-driving. His dream? To support
his family,

make Rabia happy and be good role model to young Yasmin
and Faisal.

“Don’t let anyone take what it yours. And don’t take
anything someone else has earnt.

This is the worker’s Izzat.”

Life has a familiar rhythm…coping with the kids, eating
donuts and barfi and battling unpaid bills. But when Rabia’s stifled ambitions
become too much to bear, even the love songs of John Denver or the scent of a
Chitral rose can’t sooth her. Set in a town in the East of England, and told
with humour and authenticity, this new play by Shamser Sinha shines a light on

the contemporary family experience. It is inspired
by conversations with residents in Peterborough and Ipswich.

Our White Skoda Octavia is an Eastern Angles
production in association

with Derby Theatre and Essex Cultural Diversity Project.

Age Suitability – 14+