Take a bow Reuben SelbyRuben FrenchSophia SerazinJasper Pike and Josh Thompson; the band of this year’s Big Summer Production Aladdin.

Reuben‘s sister has taken part in the production before but this is his first time taking part.

“It’s really good fun,” said the alto saxophone and French horn player, whose favourite song from the show is A Whole New World. “I play in orchestras – jazz, wind band stuff – and it’s really nice because I don’t often get the opportunity to accompany people singing.”

This is guitarist Ruben‘s second time but he’s no stranger to The Garage, coming to the Musicians’ Development Programme. He said: “I mainly play rock but this is great. It’s cool to hear songs you’ve never heard before and after a while hear a bunch or group playing it. My favourite song is A Million Dreams.”

Violinist Sophia also started off on the Musicians’ Development Programme. It’s her fifth year as part of the Big Summer Production band.

She said: “The music we do is different which is good and fun to play. I do a bit of classical but I also play in a folk ensemble, but not normal folk music, we play with it and make it more modern. I enjoy seeing how much they ( the participants) improve, especially as I see a lot of them every year. Speechless Part 2 is my favourite song.”

Cellist Jasper, whose favourite song is Speechless Part 1, usually plays in lots of ensembles. He said: “It’s different to what I’m used to but good.”

Josh is a regular at The Garage but Aladdin marks his debut helping out the Big Summer Production band during rehearsals. He plays the cajon, a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru and played by slapping the front or rear with your hands, fingers or sometimes brushes or sticks. He also plays guitar and piano with his friends.

“I like the film so the music was actually alright. I like seeing the whole production come together, it’s cool. A Million Dreams and the more lively This Is Me are my favourite songs.”

Musical director Sam Sommerfeld said: “We’ve not had a lot of time so everyone’s been jumping straight into it and hitting the ground running. It’s the best sound we’ve had, certainly in my last four years.”

The Big Summer Production Aladdin takes the stage Friday 16 August and Saturday 17 August.  

We’d like to say an immense thank you to everybody’s who’s been part of the Big Summer Production these part 10 years. It’s your show, not ours and we’re proud of the success you’ve made of it.

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